There’s nothing more welcoming than a beautifully lit house or garden. But landscape lighting isn’t simply about shining a light on parts of your property. Lighting that is professionally designed and installed brings out the best in your home – and so much more.



Professionally-designed lighting not only enhances the beauty of your home but adds value by creating a positive visual experience. Subtle lighting of focal points like trees, statues, pathways or pools add depth, balance and perspective. 



Well-placed, low-level lighting prevents steps, pools, water features, docks and rocks becoming dangerous hazards after dark – especially when children, seniors or people with disabilities are around. And because LED lighting will not produce an electrical shock if contacted, it's safe for children, pets and gardeners.



Well-lit properties are less likely to be burgled but harsh, bright spotlights can create isolated dark areas. Lower level lighting of key areas will give a broader coverage throughout the property, making it harder for intruders to remain unseen.



Make the most of your property’s outdoor features. Ambient lighting of pool areas, patios, docks, garden or courtyard spaces gives you more options for entertaining and relaxing.  


Task lighting 

If you’re using decks, docks, patios, or tennis courts at night, low voltage lighting using small fixtures and well defined beams makes sure you can see what you’re doing. Dimmers and controls give you the option of turning your patio from the life and soul of the party into an intimate dinner space. 



LED lighting is cost and energy efficient, and helps cut down light pollution. “Turtle-safe” amber LED lighting for docks and beach areas ensure that the habitats of sea turtles and marine life are not disturbed. 



Modern LED technology is not only environmentally friendly but offers beautiful light that is energy-efficient and longer lasting than other lighting. On average, an LED bulb will last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours compared to halogen (2,000-5,000 hours) and a regular incandescent bulb (750-2,000 hours). We’re LED landscape lighting specialists and our knowledge and installation expertise brings out the best in today’s LED technology for our clients.


Here are just some of the advantages of LED technology:

  • Cost-effective and efficient – lower wattage means up to 80% savings in electricity costs
  • Longer life span – on average, LED bulbs last 30 times longer than regular or halogen bulbs
  • LED lights offer superior illumination and light direction control.
  • Today’s LEDs deliver rich, warm, colors – not the harsh white or blue hues of older technology.
  • Instant light - no flicker or delay
  • No toxic materials 
  • Durability – LEDs work beautifully in extreme hot or cold conditions.
  • Safety - LED lights are completely shockless, making your garden safe for children, pets and gardeners.


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